Advances in Approximate Bayesian Inference

NIPS 2016 Workshop; December 9, 2016
Room 112, Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

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Bayesian analysis has seen a resurgence in machine learning, expanding its scope beyond traditional applications. Increasingly complex models have been trained with large and streaming data sets, and they have been applied to a diverse range of domains. Key to this resurgence has been advances in approximate Bayesian inference. Variational and Monte Carlo methods are currently the mainstay techniques, where recent insights have improved their approximation quality, provided black box strategies for fitting many models, and enabled scalable computation.

In this year's workshop, we would like to continue the theme of approximate Bayesian inference with additional emphases. In particular, we encourage submissions not only advancing approximate inference but also regarding (1) unconventional inference techniques, with the aim to bring together diverse communities; (2) software tools for both the applied and methodological researcher; and (3) challenges in applications, both in non-traditional domains and when applying these techniques to advance current domains.

This workshop is a continuation of past years:

In addition, this year there is a NIPS tutorial on variational inference.

Invited Speakers and Panelists

Invited speakers

Panel: Software

Panel: On the Foundations and Future of Approximate Inference


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